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jacquin group
Annecy, the city of choice
for this family
since the 1950s

Beyond being the name of a company, Jacquin is above all the name of a united family whose members bring complementary expertise yet share a common vision: A love of doing things right. Well-established in the local landscape and particularly in Annecy, the family--made up of professional restaurateurs--develops its operations with customer satisfaction the ultimate goal. Strong values such as rigour and kindness, a thorough knowledge of the area, a love for Annecy and its region, well-established culinary know-how: The Jacquin family has been all this since 1949.

A family saga
since 1949

Between Annecy and Lyon, the Jacquin family has always been immersed in the restaurant business--typical bouchon lyonnais, Michelin-starred venues, brasseries--a business that reflects their collective know-how and culinary passion, transmitted from generation to generation. In 1986, the family opened its first restaurants in Annecy that have become some of the city’s icons.

The milestones

Brasserie des européens

1986 - Taverne de Maître Kanter

Claude, Pauline Jacquin’s son, his wife Lydia and their youngest son Philippe created La Taverne de Maître Kanter in Annecy, on the banks of the Thiou, the iconic canal at the origin of Annecy’s Little Venice name.

Brasserie des européens

1990 & 2007 - Brasserie des Européens

In 1990, the eldest son Emmanuel moved to Annecy and, with his brother Philippe, opened Brasserie des Européens in the town centre, a genuine Parisian brasserie surrounded by mountains.
In 2007, the Brasserie moved opposite Annecy’s town hall, the epicentre of life in Annecy.

Le Sarto restaurant

2012 - Ô Savoyard

Victoria, Emmanuel's eldest daughter, created Ô Savoyard ! next to the Palais de l'Isle on the banks of the Thiou. It's a mountain chalet representing authentic Savoyard culinary heritage.

Le Sarto restaurant annecy

2013 - New start

Pierre-Emmanuel, the younger brother, joined the family group and took over as manager of La Taverne de Maître Kanter. In 2016, La Taverne became Le Sarto, serving traditional gastronomic dishes, in memory of Emmanuel and Philippe's parents.

Bakhchich baba

2019 - Bakhchich Baba and Le Chalet des glaces

After taking over three Courtepaille grills, the Group opened Bakhchich Baba, a Mediterranean restaurant located in Annecy, as well as Le Chalet des Glaces, in the heart of the old town.

Annecy rent lodge

2020 - Annecy Rent Lodge

To diversify the group's operations, Annecy Rent Lodge was created to offer quality apartment rentals in the heart of Annecy city centre.

An epic story that is just getting started!